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AI research platform for idea validation and competitors research.

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Build without validation

Like throwing spaghetti at the wall and hoping it turns into a masterpiece.

Flying Blind: You have no idea if your idea will work.

Constant Changes: Always shifting your focus, trying to find what works.

Burnout: Putting in all your effort without knowing if it’s worth it.

Build after validation

It’s like having a crystal ball that actually works.

Save Time & Money: Focus on what really matters.

Competitive Edge: Find trends and gaps your competitors missed.

Better Chances: More likely to succeed with validation.


+5 hours

per idea

Validate Without the Headache!

Let Data Do the Heavy Lifting

Automated Research

Let our tool do the heavy lifting. Get competitor analysis and key stats with a few clicks.

User-Friendly Platform

No steep learning curve. Jump right in and start validating.

Product Hunt Focus

Research on Product Hunt, analyzing projects from fellow indie hackers. Get relevant insights from the community that matters to you.

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Hey its Max 👋

I am entrepreneur with 2.5 years of experience and 6 failed projects under my belt. Each failure taught me the importance of proper validation. Without it, I lost over $16k and a lot of precious time.

Tired of losing money and time, I created this validation tool. Now, you can avoid my mistakes and ensure your idea is solid before you build. Let’s save your resources and sanity together!

AI based idea validator based on market analysis and competitor researching.

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